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A Short History of Java
Jamie Mercer05/23/2017 at 04:01:09

Java, the wildly accessible and ever-present programming language, is celebrating its 22nd anniversary today. Twenty-two years. To put that into perspective, if Java was a person, they would be old enough to have finished college, have a celebratory alcoholic drink, gamble in Iowa and get married without parental consent in Mississippi!

A lot of people today might take for granted the impact Java has had, not just on computing, but on the day-to-day lives of non-programming folk.

How to Read CSV Files in Java
Jay Sridhar05/22/2017

CSV files are extensively used in data interchange between applications. They're especially useful when the only structure to the data being exchanged is rows and columns. This format is particularly popular as the data can be imported into Microsoft Excel and used for charts and visualization.

In this article, we present an easy-to-use class for parsing and reading CSV data in Java. The class allows retrieval of each row of the CSV file as an array of columns. This row can then be processed further for filtering, inserting into a database, etc.

The Evolution of the Java Memory Architecture
Sumith Puri05/22/2017 at 16:01:20

Note: Before we get started, you might want to take a look at another post of mine. It explains the core concepts of the Java Memory Architecture, the ones that should get you started to understand this evolution better.

String Literals in Java are stored in a String Pool. String Interning refers to a process or method by which only one copy of a specific string is stored in memory. This is done to allow the efficient usage of memory while also taking less time to retrieve, except when the string is first created. This immutable single copy of the String is called an intern. Java provides a method in the String class, intern(), to actually create/retrieve this copy of the string.

What Is Spring Boot Auto Configuration?
Ranga Karanam05/22/2017

Let's start with a question: Why do we need Spring Boot Auto Configuration?

Spring based applications have a lot of configuration.

Timer in Java
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Increasing the Size of an Array
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Reading Updated/Latest Value in Multithreading Environment
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Making a Java List Thread Safe
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate — The java.util.list is not thread safe by default. Learn a quick workaround to make your list thread safe.





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