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Class sharing in Eclipse OpenJ9
Memory footprint and startup time are important performance metrics for a Java virtual machine (JVM). The memory footprint becomes especially important in the cloud environment since you pay for the memory your application uses. This tutorial shows you how to use the shared classes feature in Eclipse OpenJ9 to reduce the memory footprint and improve your JVM startup time.
Get started with Servlet 4.0
Servlet 4.0 fully integrates HTTP/2's server push technology, and also enables runtime discovery of a servlet's mapping URL. With video demonstrations and code examples, this hands-on tutorial gets you started with HTTP/2 server push and the new HttpServletMapping interface in Java servlet and JSF applications.
5 things you didn't know about...: MicroProfile 1.3
Eclipse MicroProfile has just delivered five new APIs for developing Java cloud-native microservices. Get the highlights of what's new in MicroProfile 1.3, with code examples that will have you up and running in no time.
5 things you didn't know about ...: Java 10
Hot on the heels of Java 9, Java 10 is here, with a cornucopia of cool new features for code geeks, container nerds, and garbage-collector geniuses. There's no time like the present to find out what's new in JDK 10.
Git on the Go With These Mobile Apps for Git (and GitHub)
Jordi Cabot06/20/2018

I wanted to take a look at the mobile apps available to manage my Git repositories and GitHub projects. I was expecting to find just a couple of options but, to my surprise, there are dozens of apps that claim to be your ideal solution when you need to access git or GitHub on the go.

Just do a search with “git” as keyword in the Google Play Store and you’ll immediately get over 30 results. This includes several ones that are just apps to learn git (check out this open source quick git reference guide) while commuting. And also others that have been abandoned already or are still at an alpha stage.

Groovy Goodness: Implement Interface and Abstract Methods Automatically
Hubert Klein Ikkink06/20/2018

A lot of new AST transformation annotations were added in Groovy 2.5.0. One of them is the @AutoImplement annotation. If we apply this annotation to our class, dummy implementations for abstract methods in superclasses or methods in implemented interfaces are created. This can be useful just to have something in place and then gradually write real implementations for the abstract or interface methods. The transformation will not alter any method that is already implemented by custom code.

When we apply the @AutoImplement annotation, the default implementation for an abstract method from a superclass or method from a interface is simple. If the method has a return type, the default value of that return type is returned — for example, false for a boolean and null for an object type.

Who Should Be Part of Your QA Team When Building a Culture of Quality?
Ashley Dotterweich06/20/2018

QA is traditionally a siloed role that puts software testing "over the wall" from development, product and other teams. But as development cycles move faster and quality demands get more rigorous, many teams have found that waiting until the end of development isn't efficient.

In this post adapted from our guide, 90 Days to Better QA, QA experts discuss how leveraging non-traditional resources and roles for their QA process helps build a more effective testing process and a stronger culture of quality for the organization overall.

Getting Started with MongoDB #3
Shubham Agarwal06/20/2018 at 17:03:01

Hello everyone! In my previous article, I explained CRUD operations in MongoDB, which you can find here. In this article, I will explain some leftover parts like sorting, projection, comparison query operator, logical query operator, and many more.

Before starting, let's insert a document first:

Char Is Not Int
Language: Java, Expertise: Beginner - Learn how to convert between characters and their byte representation.
Starting JVM with Memory of User's Choice
Language: Java, Expertise: Advanced - Java allows you to start the application with memory specifications as required.
3 Options for Capturing Heap Dump from an Android App
Language: Java, Expertise: Advanced - Learn more about a few different options to capture Heap Dumps from Android apps.
Object Arrays are so Flexible
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to avoid error-prone ways of passing data.





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