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Java Performance Impact by Dynamic Class Loading
05/14/2015 at 13:50:50
Did you know that Java performance degrades drastically if you have about 2.5M unloaded classes? happened to us during constant high load after our XSLT library created millions of these classes. 2.5M seems to be the breaking point. Any experts out there that can comment?
How to Implement Java OAuth 2.0 to Sign-In with GitHub and Google
05/14/2015 at 10:19:19
A guide to adding Google and GitHub OAuth sign-in to your Java application
Before You Go Over the Container Cliff with Docker, Mesos etc: Points to Consider
05/13/2015 at 10:53:52
Discussions with users about the benefits and challenges of new development styles, application architectures, and runtime platforms.
How to find bytecode of loaded Java classes
05/13/2015 at 03:16:37
In this post we???ll look at two approaches to obtaining the bytecode of classes loaded into the JVM and learn a thing or two about javaagents and the HotSpot Debugger.
One does not just simply "do" microservices
05/13/2015 at 02:04:52
Seems like every 5 to 10 years our industry, especially in the enterprise integration, or enterprise application space, we???re introduced to some new methodology or architectural style. We???re told that it???s the-best-thing-since-toaster-strudel and will make you 10 times more productive and make your enterprise more agile, flexible, able to respond to change, and whatever else that CIOs are willing to spend huge giant piles of money on. We???ve seen Enterprise Application Integration, Web Services, SOA, Component based architectures, ESBs, and on and on. Today???s hot technology: Microservices Well, guess what: chances are you???re not going to get microservices architecture right.
Are cloud IDEs the future of development?
05/11/2015 at 14:23:33
Cloud IDEs are the future of development. In many cases, today, they are superior to their desktop counterparts. And in the areas where they are not superior, they eventually will be. This is because the same limitation concerns faced by developers using distributed-based IDEs, will be the technologies that give them huge advantages over their desktop cousins.
Happy 20th Birthday Java! What???s your Java story?
khooke05/22/2015 at 23:00:59
I started learning Java in 1996, from the book ???Learn Java in 21 Days???, published by SAMS. Preview Text:  I started learning Java in 1996, from the book ???Learn Java in 21 Days???, published by SAMS. For some reason I even still have the same book: Legacy Sponsored:  ...
Java in 20 Words
jv5964105/22/2015 at 23:00:45
Java turns 20 this week. Java is more than a programming language or a platform. It is a large part of the life of many developers. In this blog post, I try to summarize what Java means to me in 20 words. Preview Text:  Java turns 20 this week. Java is more than a programming language or a platform. It is a large part of the life of many...
Big Content in a Little Canvas
[This article was written by Ben Dilts]Performant canvas rendering for modern browsersLucidchart is one of the most complex graphical apps on the web, which means good performance is an absolute must. Getting that performance out of each of our supported browsers has always been a challenge, and we???ve found the best ways to meet that challenge have changed dramatically over time.This post...
RavenDB Sharding: Adding a New Shard to an Existing Cluster, the easy way
Continuing on the theme of giving a full answer to interesting questions on the mailing list in the blog, we have the following issue.  We have a sharded cluster, and we want to add a new node to the cluster, how do we do it? I???ll discuss a few ways in which you can handle this scenario. But first, let us lay out the actual scenario. We???ll use the Customers & Invoices system, and...
Understanding Anti-Patterns and Code Smells
Eliminate code smells and anti-patterns by implementing design patterns the correct way.
Introduction to Internal DSLs in Scala
Learn how to design and implement an internal domain-specific language (DSL).
Project Management Work Analysis
Explore how to best break down a project's objectives into smaller and more manageable tasks to be assigned to various team members.
Project Management Time Analysis
The fourth article in our series will explore time analysis, which is critical for any project. Learn more about the two best methods for project time analysis: PERT and CPM.
Focus On Java
Time to Move On
11/11/2013 at 07:42:11

Time seems to be increasingly scarce these days so it's time for me to move on from the Java site.

If you're interested in becoming the Java person for have a look at the be a guide page for more details.

Time to Move On originally appeared on Focus on Java on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 15:42:11.

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Java SE 7 Update 45 Released
10/17/2013 at 14:05:59

Java 7 Update 45 has been released and the JDK is available to download from Oracle's Java download page.

The release notes show this to be a security fix release. There are 51 new security fixes as outlined in the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory for October.

Java SE 7 Update 45 Released originally appeared on Focus on Java on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 21:05:59.

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