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Get started with the JSON Binding API, Part 2: Custom binding with JSON-B
The JSON Binding API makes customizing data serialization and deserialization easy and intuitive, and it puts a lot of power in your hands. Learn how to use and combine annotations and runtime configuration to control the binding and appearance of properties, fields, date and time formats, and more. Then get started using JSON-B adapters and low-level serializers and deserializers to change the logic of operations in JSON-B.
What's new in Java EE 8
The next edition of the Java enterprise platform is built for the cloud and reactive programming, and will shape enterprise application development for years to come. Get your first look at new APIs and upgrades for Java enterprise security, JSON binding, HTTP/2 server push, and more.
Get started with the JSON Binding API, Part 1: The JSON Binding API in a nutshell
It's been a long wait, but Java EE 8 introduces powerful JSON binding features to the core Java enterprise platform. Get started with default features, custom annotations, and runtime configurations in the new Java API for JSON Binding.
Java 8 idioms: Cascading lambdas
Venkat explains the mysterious origins of cascading lambdas, a type of syntax that arises from functions returning functions in highly concise code.
When a Blank Isn't Blank
Martin Farrell11/23/2017 at 21:01:01

I had a funny moment this week when I needed to generate an error message when users entered a string of blank spaces. I've previously blogged on using utility classes under Why do we still create Util classes?, so my first port of call was to use StringUtil.isBlank. But it didn't catch my blank — so I had a case of blank not being a blank

Of course, the answer was simple, and the whitespace was a No-Break Space(U+00A0). It was generated by a transformation between my instance of CKEditor in the browser and the validation layer.

Myth: The Scrum Master Must Be Present During the Daily Scrum
Barry Overeem11/23/2017 at 19:31:01

Scrum is intended as a simple, yet sufficient framework for complex product delivery. Scrum is not a one-size-fits-all solution, a silver bullet or a complete methodology. Instead, Scrum provides the minimal boundaries within which teams can self-organize to solve a complex problem using an empirical approach. This simplicity is its greatest strength, but also the source of many misinterpretations and myths surrounding Scrum. In this series of posts we - your 'mythbusters' Christiaan Verwijs and Barry Overeem - will address the most common myths and misunderstandings. PS: the visuals are by Thea Schukken.

Myth: The Scrum Master Must Be Present During the Daily Scrum

The myth is that a Scrum Master should always be present during the Daily Scrum. In some teams, the Scrum Master is expected to facilitate the Daily Scrum, while other teams feel that the Scrum Master should be present to pick up impediments that he or she needs to solve. Either way; presence is required.

How to Grow 3D Game Development Skills With Blender 3D
Bob Robinson11/23/2017 at 18:31:01

Animation has changed and grown drastically over the years. While it has evolved in terms of drawing, technology does have a large part to play in it. Old characters were required to be hand-drawn frame by frame, a larger version of the flipbook if you must. These days there are computers and animation software to help you not only create the characters but also animate them.

With the different programs, you can now create 2D and even 3D characters with a few clicks. So, if you don’t have any background in drawing or sketching, that’s okay too. Simply create your characters with different polygons and shape them as you see fit.

How to Add Real Web Push Notifications to Your Web App
Swizec Teller11/23/2017 at 17:01:48

You've probably seen web notifications before. YouTube shows them when it goes to a new song, Facebook pings them when a new message comes in, scammy websites ask for permissions and you say no. The usual.

You can fire those notifications from anywhere inside your JavaScript.

Reducing Unbuffered Streams
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to significantly reduce the number of native calls.
Converting Numbers to Strings
Language: Java, Expertise: Beginner - Learn the right way to convert numbers to Strings.
Obtaining a Thread Dump of Your Java App in Linux
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to trigger a thread dump in Java on Linux os.
Reasons for Android Runtime Garbage Collection
Language: Java, Expertise: Advanced - See some suggestions regarding what could be triggering Garbage Collection in your Android run time environment.





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