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5 things you didn't know about ...: Java 10
Hot on the heels of Java 9, Java 10 is here, with a cornucopia of cool new features for code geeks, container nerds, and garbage-collector geniuses. There's no time like the present to find out what's new in JDK 10.
Get started with the Java EE 8 Security API, Part 3: Securely access user credentials with IdentityStore
Learn how to use the new IdentityStore interface to setup and configure RDBMS or LDAP identity storage in your Java web applications.
Get started with the Java EE 8 Security API, Part 4: Interrogating caller data with SecurityContext
This final article in the Java EE Security API series introduces the SecurityContext API, which is used to interrogate caller data consistently across servlet and EJB containers. Find out how SecurityContext extends HttpAuthenticationMechanism's declarative capabilities, then put it to work testing caller data in a servlet container example.
Minecraft and IBM Cloud, Part 4: Integrating Watson into Minecraft on IBM Cloud
In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to use Docker, Eclipse, and IBM Cloud to develop, extend, and host your own Minecraft servers. Find out how to use Eclipse to build Minecraft plugins, test them locally using Docker, and use IBM Cloud to host your Docker containers on the Internet. You'll also harness the power of IBM Watson from within Minecraft for more educational and interactive game play. In Part 4, you'll learn how to extend the Spigot server with a plugin that uses Watson cognitive services to add a little science to your game play.
Website Design and Machine Learning: What to Expect in the Future
Laura Buckler04/25/2018 at 21:46:26

Web design is a constantly evolving field. Changes are based on both the new requirements that internet users have and on the technologies available to developers and designers.

Machine learning is far from an innovative concept (the term was coined back in 1959). Over the past few years, however, a lot of progress has been made in the area. An application of artificial intelligence (AI), ML focuses on systems that enable technology to evolve and adapt through the accumulation of data. No programming or human involvement is required for the process to occur.

How Prevalent Is Clickbait in Modern Media?
Adi Gaskell04/25/2018 at 21:05:33

When we think of clickbait, it's easy to assume it's the domain of Buzzfeed and less reputable publications that are striving to get your pageview so they can earn a bit of advertising revenue. A recent Stanford University study provides an interesting insight into how it's driving even the more reputable portions of journalism.

The study examines the impact data has on not only story popularity, but on the various elements that contribute to that popularity, such as the headline, in a number of newsrooms in both the United States and France.

OSGL Tool (Part 3): The Art of String Manipulation
Gelin Luo04/25/2018

In the previous article, OSGL Tool: The Art of Image Processing, we introduced how to use the OSGL Img utility to process images in a fluent way:

        .resize(300, 400)
        .crop(50, 50, 250, 350)
        .watermark("HELLO OSGL")

Emoji Scavenger Hunt Showcases TensorFlow.js
Richard Gall04/25/2018 at 18:01:01

What is Emoji Scavenger Hunt?

Emoji Scavenger Hunt is a game built using neural networks. Developed by Google using TensorFlow.js, a version of the machine learning library designed to run on browsers, the game showcases how machine learning can be brought to web applications. But more importantly, TensorFlow.js, which was announced at the end of March at the TensorFlow Developer Summit looks like it could be a tool to define the next few years of web development, making machine learning more accessible to JavaScript developers than ever before.

Start playing now.

Understanding the Current Stack Under Execution
Language: Java, Level: Intermediate: - Java provides an easy approach to knowing the current stack.
Should Log Instances Be Static or Not?
Language: Java, Level: Beginner: - See why it is a good idea to store the log instance in a static final variable.
How to Check Whether a Number Is Prime
Language: Java, Level: Intermediate: - Learn how to check if a number is prime using the isProbablePrime method in Java.
Does Your Timezone Support Daylight Saving Time?
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Figure out whether or not your timezone supports Daylight Saving Time programmatically.





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