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Oracle Code New York Report
Tim Spann03/27/2017

I recently attended Oracle Code New York City 2017, and I thought I'd go over my experiences and thoughts on them, from keynote speakers to the latest news. Without further ado, let's dive in!


Chris Richardson did an amazing walkthrough and discussion of the what/why/how/when of microservices. This is incredibly powerful material. Chris explains it very well and removes some of the misinformation around microservices. A full two hours from the keynotes are already on YouTube.

Fully Configurable Mappings for Spring MVC
Nicolas Frankel03/27/2017

As I wrote some weeks earlier, I’m trying to implement features of the Spring Boot actuator in a non-Boot Spring MVC applications. Developing the endpoints themselves is quite straightforward. Much more challenging, however, is to be able to configure the mapping in a properties file, like in the actuator. This got me to check more closely at how it was done in the current code. This post sums up my “reverse-engineering” attempt around the subject.

Standard MVC


In Spring MVC, in a class annotated with the @Controller annotation, methods can be in turn annotated with @RequestMapping. This annotation accepts a value attribute (or alternatively a path one) to define from which path it can be called.

Java Regex: Simple Patterns
Jay Sridhar03/27/2017

Regular Expressions are the bread and butter of string pattern matching. They allow you to express a search pattern in general terms without being too specific about what you are searching for.

This article covers the basics of string pattern matching using regular expressions.

Entity Objects Power Ranking
Grzegorz Ziemoński03/27/2017

There seems to be an ever-ongoing discussion about how powerful an entity object should be. That’s indeed a very valid discussion, as the choice that we make (often unconsciously) will have a huge impact on the final shape of our application. Let’s see what options do we have and try to analyze the consequences of each.

Anemic Objects

Creating a Spring Read Only and Native Query
Language: Enterprise, Expertise: Intermediate — For reading operations, the transaction configuration readOnly flag should be set to true and in order to execute native queries, the @Query annotation parameter, nativeQuery flag, should be set to true.
Accessing and Managing Third-Party Libraries
Learn about package management in your programming language and take advantage of all the goodness that's out there.
Using a JDBC Template
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate — Spring provides a nice abstraction on top of the JDBC API using JdbcTemplate and also provides great transaction management capabilities using annotation-based approach.
Understanding the Time Taken to Execute a Task
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate
Focus On Java
Time to Move On
11/11/2013 at 15:42:11

Time seems to be increasingly scarce these days so it's time for me to move on from the Java site.

If you're interested in becoming the Java person for have a look at the be a guide page for more details.

Time to Move On originally appeared on Focus on Java on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 15:42:11.

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Java SE 7 Update 45 Released
10/17/2013 at 21:05:59

Java 7 Update 45 has been released and the JDK is available to download from Oracle's Java download page.

The release notes show this to be a security fix release. There are 51 new security fixes as outlined in the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory for October.

Java SE 7 Update 45 Released originally appeared on Focus on Java on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 21:05:59.

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