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Software Performance Optimization Heuristics: Fast, Frugal and Factual
11/20/2014 at 15:24:48
An article exploring how software memories that are recorded and replayed help in the search of software performance optimization heuristics.
Looks like the properties ship has sailed, but more Java 9 pieces are falling into place
11/20/2014 at 15:23:36
New Java 9 features revealed, but increasing doubts over one much hoped-for addition to the platform ever making the cut in the future.
Thursday means saying 'goodbye' to the Java Posse at Devoxx 2014
11/20/2014 at 15:22:32
Providing daily play-by-play at Devoxx 2014 in Antwerp, Geertjan Wielenga provides us with the Thursday highlights of the event, which sadly included the end of the Java Posse podcast.
Stable Abstractions Principle is your friend to fight the design rigidity
11/18/2014 at 09:52:20
Discover how "Stable Abstractions Principle" could help to improve the design.
Clojure at Scale: Why Python Just Wasn???t Enough for Appsflyer
11/17/2014 at 08:09:36
A first hand experience and an introduction to Clojure at scale
The latest NetBeans community podcast on Java and encouraging coding
11/17/2014 at 02:59:51
The latest NetBeans community podcast was largely recorded at JavaOne and is packed with interviews of people in the Java community on what is happening in the world of coding and how we get more people into coding.
A Common CXF Request Interceptor for All OSGi Bundles
chshani11/23/2014 at 23:00:44
I have been working on Apache CXF, Karaf, Felix from path few months and I find all these bundled technologies very interesting to work with. While working on some use cases i have been got into a situation where i need only One Interceptor that should be executed on each HTTP request sent to any of bundles deployed under application in Karaf. Preview Text:  ...
Integration Architecture: How We Got Here
[This article appeared in the 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration, and was written by Asankha Perera and Mitch Pronschinske. Asankha is the founder and CTO of AdroitLogic???the creators of the free and open source Enterprise Service Bus UltraESB. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and the VP of the Apache HttpComponents project.] Preview Text:  ...
Top 5 Mobile APM Myths: Myths 3-5
If you???re just tuning in, please check out my previous post where I dispel myths 1 & 2, bad app ratings are uncontrollable and it???s impossible to understand your backend services. Typically, mobile app developers accept some things they feel they can???t change ??? ratings, end-to-end visibility, user experience, and so on. However, these can all be avoided and under your control with...
Externalizing Session State for a Spring Boot Application Using Spring-Session
biju.kunjummen11/23/2014 at 22:30:48
Spring-session is a very cool new project that aims to provide a simpler way of managing sessions in Java based web applications. One of the features that I explored with spring-session recently was the way it supports externalizing session state without needing to fiddle with the internals of specific web containers like Tomcat or Jetty. Preview Text:  ...
Working with MapReduce Design Patterns
Learn more about the different design patterns used in the MapReduce framework.
Oracle: To Change or Not to Change
It’s hard to get a straight story out of Oracle about what they want to change – if they really want to change at all.
How Not to Change Anything at Oracle
Will anything really change at Oracle? Unlikely – at least not until Ellison finally kicks the bucket.
Getting Started with Apache Spark
Learn more about Apache Spark and the various aspects of this framework.
Focus On Java
Time to Move On
11/11/2013 at 07:42:11

Time seems to be increasingly scarce these days so it's time for me to move on from the Java site.

If you're interested in becoming the Java person for have a look at the be a guide page for more details.

Time to Move On originally appeared on Focus on Java on Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 15:42:11.

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Java SE 7 Update 45 Released
10/17/2013 at 14:05:59

Java 7 Update 45 has been released and the JDK is available to download from Oracle's Java download page.

The release notes show this to be a security fix release. There are 51 new security fixes as outlined in the Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory for October.

Java SE 7 Update 45 Released originally appeared on Focus on Java on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 at 21:05:59.

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